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The mass protests arising from grand jury decisions in Ferguson, Mo. and the Staten Island borough of New York City have inspired a round of celebrity protest songs. Last week Alicia Keys dropped “We Gotta Pray.” This week Frenchie Davis, the Grammy-nominated Broadway performer who got her first break as a finalist on American Idol and then appeared on The Voice, joins fellow artists on the Great White Way to show that black lives matter through the concept video, “Tired.”

Released on YouTube, “Tired” is a collaboration between Davis, writer and producer Wilkie Ferguson (Motown, Porgy and Bess, Wonderland), Epic Records recording artist Morgan James (Motown, Godspell, The Addams Family), and poet Daniel J. Watts (After Midnight, Motown, In The Heights). The song was written and produced by Ferguson with original spoken word by Watts.

The lyrics are poignant, hard-hitting and sprinkled with African-American history:

You show me that my life doesn’t matter/That all my fighting is in vain/You prove that I should never defend you/‘Cause you would never do the same

Our leaders are our killers/Our protectors pull the triggers/And on and on it goes/Day after day, week after week, year after year it just repeats and now I’m


Tired, Tired, Tired

“I wrote this song to try to capture some of the frustration and anger that my peers and I feel in the midst of the injustices being suffered by people of color,” Ferguson said in a released statement. “I believe that art has a way of reaching and influencing people in a way that nothing else can.”

Said Davis: “It is our responsibility as artists to use art along with whatever platform we are given to create a space for thought-provoking dialogue on issues such as these in the hopes of facilitating change.”

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