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1) On a scale of 1-10, ask yourself how happy you are. If you are not at least a 7, you should not date yet. One of the biggest mistakes single women make is expecting their partner to make them happier. The research shows that after an initial bump in happiness, we all go back to our normal level of happiness from before. Tip- take responsibility for your own happiness versus depending on your partner to make you happy. He/she is not your psychologist!

2) Make sure you have 3-4 close girlfriends that you spend time with regularly to meet your attention, social, friendship/intimacy needs. Women who depend only on their boyfriend/husband as a sole confidant take the risk of being too reliant on him for support. For most men, this is an overwhelming task and extremely difficult. Tip- add a man into your current healthy friendships so that you have a balance between platonic and intimate friendship.

3) Research shows that women who were single and actually got married did the following:

A) Made getting marriage their #1 priority

B) Made being social an action item vs. simply “waiting on God to send them a man”. Thus, they went out and socialized between 2-4 times a week to increase their access to equally yoked men

C) Joined social media dating site to get more available suitors to potentially date

D) Ask their friends/family for a hook-up

In summary, women who worked HARDER to find mates actually found them. Get more tips from Dr. Tartt!

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