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This just in: A Fox News on-air personality said something idiotic and dangerous while discussing a serious news story. I know…and water is wet. Still, density being a constant doesn’t make it any less destructive.

On Fox News’ “Outnumbered,” the subject of Denise Harvey, a 47-year-old Florida woman who was convicted of having sex with her son’s 16-year-friend and fleeing to Canada where she was granted asylum, was discussed. Harvey dismissed her 30-year prison sentence as “cruel and unusual punishment,” which Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board agreed with. Harvey will remain in Canada, where she will now be considered a “protected person.”

As to what prompted the board to grant her refugee status, perhaps it had something to do with Canada’s age of consent being 17 or 18 if the accused is in a position of authority. However, as the New York Daily News explains, it is illegal in Florida for anyone older than the age of 24 to have sex with someone 16 or younger.

And while Jesse Watters (pictured) said he realizes this is a serious crime, his response was everything short of that. Watters noted that, “It is a serious crime, but if you’re a 16-year-old kid and you have sex with your best friend’s mom, you usually get high fives.”

You could probably get a high five from a 16-year-old boy if you take a piss in the lawn of someone you hate, so that’s not exactly how you should be basing your commentary on a crime.

Watters went on to say, “She’s not that attractive, so you might not have that kind of reception, but this could be emotionally damaging to the child.” There’s no point in bringing out your mop, Watters, especially after you dismissed the other women’s critiques of your response with “that’s just how regular guys think.”

Not to be outdone, another cheerleader of patriarchy and dimwitted thinking Tucker Carlson said one week prior that reporting statutory rape is “whiny” and that it was “ludicrous” that we’re calling it “rape.” He went on to say anyone who defies his logic isn’t being serious with themselves and that rape is different depending on gender.

Therein lies why men are reluctant to discuss their own sexual exploitation.

They’re conditioned to believe that it’s perfectly acceptable for an adult woman to take advantage of them sexually as a child as that makes them more of a man. Such was the logic Chris Brown employed when he explained losing his virginity at the age of 8. Actually, he was molested, but again, conditioning has him believing otherwise.

In Tucker’s mind, anyone who reports this would be a whiny tattler and another example of how much people in this country make the most out of nothing. In fact, in May, Tucker claimed that men understand that being sexually harassed by a female teacher is “the greatest thing that ever happened.”

You can’t see me, but I’m about to look up the price for muzzles and see if I can have them shipped immediately to FOX News’ two-man band of stupidity.

Michael Arceneaux blogs at, tweets at @youngsinick, and praises Beyoncé’s name everywhere he goes.

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