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Wyclef Jean appeared on CNN’s “Larry King Live” last night to officially announce his candidacy for the presidency of Haiti. Wyclef made the announcement live via satellite from Haiti, his home country.

However, actor/activist Sean Penn appeared on the show as well and criticized Wyclef’s run for president. Do y’all think this is fair criticism?

Penn said he does not like Jean’s fancy cars:

I want to see someone who’s really, really willing to sacrifice for their country, and not just someone who I personally saw with vulgar entourage of vehicles that demonstrated a wealth in Haiti that, in context, I felt was a very obscene demonstration.

He thinks Wyclef’s political interests may even be funded by corporate interests:

I see in Wyclef Jean somebody who could well have been influenced by the promise of support of companies. I think Haiti is clearly vulnerable … There is a history of American interests coming in and underpaying people.

And this one has got to take the cake. Penn complained that he has not seen Wycelf in Haiti enough:

This is somebody who’s going to receive an enormous amount of support from the United States, and I have to say I’m very suspicious of it, simply because he, as an ambassador at large, has been virtually silent. For those of us in Haiti, he has been a non-presence.