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Black TV Moms have always have had their very own dynamic. From the way they walked, to the way they handled their children and their husbands. This same uniqueness is what sparked a generation of women now who are now mothers and wives and in some way or another, have taken certain principles from these mothers and adapted it into their own.

Take a look at these TV moms with their own swag:

Florida Evans- Good Times– Well known for her loyalty to her husband, and patience with her kids. She taught her children how to be strong even in times when they did not have anything. She also allowed them the room to be themselves and to let their own personality shine through. JJ could be artsy and goofy, Michael could be militant while Thelma took the time to model herself after her mother’s strength and add her own flavor.

Clair Huxtable-Cosby Show– She was the epitome of the woman who had it all. She was beautiful, funny, and intelligent. She had a banging career, her family loved her and her husband adored her. Let’s face it, Clare Huxtable was the sh*t. She was wise beyond her years and seemed to be an all around superwoman. Making partner at the law firm just in time to help Rudy with her homework. All in a day’s work for Clair.

Mary Jenkins- 227- Even though she was a gossiper, Mary never slipped on her duties as a Mother and a Wife. She also was always there whenever her friends needed her. She would drop everything to participate in some hair brained scheme that would save a friends tail.

Tasha Mack- The Game- Sophisticated with a ghetto twist, Tasha Mack is a momager. As a single mom and manager of her son Malik’s football career she assured that no harm came to his career or him way while still making him his favorite dishes. Sometimes she did cross over into coddling him but Tasha was able to see the error in her own ways and be strong enough to figure out when it was time for her to let go. A hard take for a Black mother raising a son in today’s world.

Rochelle Rock- Everybody Hates Chris- Sure she may be loud and bossy at times, but this woman loves her family. Willing to work a job or two if necessary, Chris Rock’s mom Rochelle was more than a strong woman. She was walking, breathing, spitfire. Sometimes she might burn you with her words but it is only because she loves you and wants to protect you at all costs.

Are there any other Black TV Moms that influenced you?

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