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In 1974, supermodel Beverly Johnson made history as Vogue’s first African-American cover girl, paving the way for other black supermodels like Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks.

Here are some of her most treasured anti-aging secrets for skin, hair, diet and exercise.

Secret #1: Younger-Looking Skin

Beverly swears by inexpensive, tried-and-true drugstore products like petroleum jelly and baby oil, to keep her skin looking dewy and wrinkle-free. She slathers them on before and after showering and recommends focusing on dry areas like elbows, knees and the heels of your feet. She also takes cod liver oil tablets, known to nourish skin and nails, a secret handed down by her mother.

Secret #2: Keeping Hair Strong and Beautiful

Beverly combats dull hair with biotin, a B vitamin found in legumes, egg yolks and milk, and also available in supplement form. Biotin is prized for promoting hair growth and preventing thinning hair.

Secret #3: Shape-Saving Diet and Exercise Tips

Beverly’s fitness secret is all about keeping both the body and mind young. A passionate golfer, Beverly recommends picking a sport you really love so exercise is an enjoyable activity, not work. In terms of diet, “Every day is a battle,” she says. “That cookie is there, that popcorn is there. But I’m on top of it.”