Georgia is now considered one of the top five states in the country for film and TV production with more than 274 projects shot in the state since July 2010, reports the TV shows shot in Georgia include BET’s “The Game,” MTV’s “Teen Wolf,” the Discovery Channel’s “Auction Kings” and AMC’s critically-acclaimed hit shot […]

Want to know the way to gauge how great a show is? Break it down by episodes. Take The Cosby Show for instance: For those who watched the series through it’s eight seasons, the debate is never whether or not the show was good, it’s which episode was the best. Ask as many people possible […]

Last week we opened the voting for our Greatest Black Sitcom of All-Time Competition.  Yesterday voting closed for round 1 and we’re down from 64 shows to 32. Based on the seeding of the editorial team we didn’t see any upset loses although we were surprised to see the short-lived 90’s sitcom “Thea” beat out the […]

From While working on his article published yesterday in the New York Times highlighting the right-wing media’s “misleading coverage,” reporter Brian Stelter did some background research into cable news viewership demographics. While he didn’t include the findings in his story, he found them notable enough to publish on Twitter. The Huffington Post summarizes the […]

CBS Atlanta News is excited to announce a new addition to its on-air staff. JaQuitta Williams is joining the CBS Atlanta News team! The journalist stopped by Praise 102.5 earlier today and spoke about her new position. JaQuitta’s successful career in TV news spans nearly 20 years. She’s the definition of a well-rounded broadcast journalist; […]