Thought of The Day

A Key To Deeper Relationship with God By: Christine Caine “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. […]

Winter brings the bitter cold, however, it also brings toasty fireplace moments. Most situations have a brighter side. It’s the person who routinely finds this side that experiences the most peace. Traffic lights have both red and green, but isn’t it funny that we only call them red lights? Half empty looks exactly like half […]

Everybody loves good news, yet it’s bad news that gets the most of our emotions. Notice how we usher the negative things to the front row in our lives and give them vip service which includes prime real estate in our minds, and 24 hour access to our soul’s joy and peace. Most of the […]

We ALL desire respect. It’s how you know a person or company see’s value in you. If you ever want to know how much they truly respect or value you, look at how much of what you KNOW they value that they are willing to invest in YOU. Whether business or personal, I’ve found this […]

Seasons exist because the earth revolves around the sun. So before you declare that you are ‘awaiting your season’ remember you’re always in a season and that season is there based on your position with the ‘SON’. God gives the season. He gives the spring just like He gives the winter. When those undesirable seasons […]

Ladies, a man truly values and respects what he WORKS for. If it took no effort to GET it, he will use no effort to KEEP it. It’s not just men either. We tend to value expensive more than cheap. It’s why the Bentley is more respected and revered than the Ford. COmmand respect and […]

In today’s society, to be guarded is not only the norm, but it’s safer that way. You never know who you can trust or who could potentially be the one that could harm you. This perspective will certainly keep you protected, but it will also keep the good that could come your way at a […]

Sometimes we face circumstances that present us with what I’d like to call a crisis of belief. This is when you either believe that God is in control or that your circumstance is in control. Too many of us have lived our lives as Christians somewhere in between the two for far too long. Challenge […]

What are doing to accommodate the NEW that you are expecting? Are you willing to clean out old thoughts for fresh perspectives? Willing to give up old methods for new applications? Can you make yourself ok with the temporary discomfort of being stretched? It’s hard to be BIG when you’re bound by ‘little’… little dreams, […]

God is up to something that will blow the minds of the people who underestimated you. Stay humble because it’s not your talent or ability that is making it happen this time. God just wants to prove to your enemies (and YOU) that He can do what He wants to JUST because He IS GOD! […]

It is better to seek to UNDERSTAND than to be UNDERSTOOD. Both are good. Understanding is better. It puts you in control. Some people may never understand you and there is always a frustration that comes with that. Take back the keys to your piece of mind by seeking understanding. That way, YOU’LL have the […]

When you haven’t been spiritually eating properly, not only will you know, but others will know as well. Some of the issues in our lives are a direct result of an improper diet.  A trip down God’s produce aisle for some FRUIT can resolve them.  Time to RESTOCK! Galatians 5:22-23 (New International Version) – But […]