From  the streets of  the south side of Chicago to hip-hop legacy, Common shares his thoughts on the importance of valuing your life. ” ]

Some of you are frustrated because you don’t see the progress you desire. God wants you to know that there IS progress, on your FOUNDATION! The reason you haven’t seen the progress YOU desire is because the future He has for you is so great, it requires a much bigger FOUNDATION. Buildings can go up […]

God is not impressed with the language of your lips in regard to prayer. Your eloquence and articulation means a lot to people, but little to God. God speaks every language known to man, beast AND insect. Prayers that move God come from the language of your heart. So whether you are a Rhodes scholar […]

Growth is when you look back over your life and see the things that used to bother you don’t have the same effect. It’s not that God changed IT, but rather he changed YOU so that you could handle IT. The weight didn’t get lighter.. You just got stronger! 1 Corinthians – 10:13 No temptation […]

The price of greatness is responsibility. Though many have gotten it twisted lately, THERE IS MORE GREATNESS IN SERVING! The reason God blesses us with gifts and talents is so that we can SERVE. Too many of us want great talents so that we can BE served. My prayer is that no matter how well […]

Every word you speak is priceless. Why do we throw them around like they are worthless? Our words, both negative and positive, make tremendous, immediate impacts on the universe. Mind what you say. Whether building up or tearing down, be deliberate, specific, and intentional about every word. Each one is DOING something, whether you see […]

I know they hurt you, but as a Christian you can’t handle them like you aren’t one. They spread lies about you and it was embarrassing, but you can’t get even. They talked about you and it hurt, but you can’t seek revenge. They laugh at you behind your back saying you are weak because […]

God has the last say. Not your job. Not your enemies or even your friends. God does. Final doesn’t mean final unless God says so. I have seen people outlive final dates given by doctors. I’ve seen people still living in homes that the bank gave final foreclosure notices to. We must condition our minds […]

We actually don’t see with our eyes. We see with our minds. The eyes are only tools our body uses to focus on what the mind then interprets. Sometimes what the eyes see, the mind interprets based off of memory and not the present. It’s how you can change for the better but people still […]

God has called us His friends, but many of us don’t understand how significant this is. Many of us only refer to God as ‘Master’. You are not as open with your boss as you are with your friends. With your close friends, you are transparent. You know that whatever you tell them will is […]

We are always in God’s presence. Our effectiveness in life comes as a result of us REALIZING this fact. Many of my personal downfalls in life were made worse because I felt that my sin had somehow caused me to get out of God’s presence. But where could I go that God wasn’t ALREADY there? If only I’d realized […]

God wants us to do His will, and He will help you even if you know you NEED to but don’t WANT to. It’s amazing how we pick and choose what God is able to do. No, He won’t ‘make’ you do anything, but he will help you if you want Him to. God gives […]