Work to erase the saying ‘I don’t have time’ from your vocabulary. A day consists of 24 hours and is filled with you doing what YOU make a priority to do. You may not WANT to do something or may not have placed it high on your ‘to do list’, but you HAVE time. The […]

Stay dedicated to the cause and God will direct the help you need to get the job done to make it’s way into your path. Often the project is bigger than you. That’s why God gave it to you. He knew you would obey Him. It was never designed for you to do alone, but […]

Many people strongly desire success. Some even pray for it. If this is you, listen very closely. One of the most unrealized truths about success is that success carries weight. You MUST be physically, mentally and emotionally strong enough to carry the weight of success or else that which you desired most will crush you. […]

Sometimes your uncomfortability with a situation has nothing to do with the situation and all to do with YOU! You will never be comfortable wearing something that you’ve outgrown. Recognize when you have outgrown people, situations, jobs and even relationships. No need to make THEM wrong. YOU just need to find a situation that fits […]

Everyday you have a limited amount of energy and strength. So let’s not waste ANY on trying to please people who simply aren’t interested in who you genuinely are or what you bring to the table. Waste not another SECOND of energy on the critics. Critics aren’t your friend nor are they interested in being […]

Some church folk were judging a newly saved sister because she smoked cigarettes. She interrupted their whispers and told them ‘Ladies this is what you call progress, because I USED to smoke crack’. The true lesson in this story is to be thankful for progress. You can’t effectively live your life based on another persons […]

How effective are you as a child of God? Let me rephrase… With all of the God we sing, pray, preach, testify, and label ourselves with (ie: CHRISTians), can you point to where you are consistently effective and everyone who knows you would agree? Salt is effective because everything it touches is impacted. Light is […]

I woke up this morning feeling REALLY good! Not sure why. The sun was beginning to rise and I just felt amazingly comfortable. After I got dressed, I went downstairs to the kitchen and kissed my wife goodbye. When I opened the door to go outside I was met with a harsh, brutal reality … […]

It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the discouragement of who you’re not, but it’s wasted energy. You’ve got problems.. so do I. You made some decisions you shouldn’t have… me too. You’ve got a past? Ha! Don’t get me started. Guilt never makes it better. Worry never fixes it. You want to do something? Decide. […]

The software that runs our brains is hardwired to notice the negative first. In more primitive times it was a necessity for survival. You needed to be adept at recognizing potentially dangerous scenarios. There are no saber tooth tigers lurking the suburbs now, yet most of us haven’t made that mental upgrade yet and companies […]

Brothers, I really do hate making posts like these because it feels like I’m giving women a ‘pass’, but some truths just hurt. So here goes: Your wife, like a rose tree, has the potential to be as beautiful, vibrant, & fulfilling as you are willing to work to make happen. Like a gardener, he […]

Games are won in the 4th quarter. It doesn’t matter how much strength you have in the 1st if you don’t make it to the 4th. Starters don’t have true success. Finishers do, Condition your mind to finish. Don’t allow yourself to feel like you’ve lost because you see someone celebrating a 1st quarter victory. […]