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This latest show break teaches how one can survive failures. We are all going to fail. It’s life! You might not want to mess up but that’s how you learn. Click on the video below to hear how you can survive your failures.

According to NBC News representatives of Aretha Franklin’s estate and her family have asked a judge for guidance about the three wills that were found hidden in her home. NBC News reports that the wills were found May 3 in Franklin’s home, two of which were locked in a closet and the other was in […]

According to ABC News, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey officially signed the controversial abortion ban into law on Wednesday, May 15. It is expected to face almost immediate legal challenges due to the ban making it a felony for in-state doctors to perform abortions in all cases. The only exception for abortion in Alabama is when […]

Click on this video to find out the talents behind the character “Dre” from the show “Power” and learn more about Rotimi the artist.

Check out KD’s perspective on the trending topic of Ayesha Curry! Was it wrong for Ayesha to confess her truth? Find out here!

KD Bowe shares a horrible incident that happened to him this past weekend. Though tragedy strikes at all of us it should not and will not control our attitude. Allowing people to control your attitude allows them to have power.

After a terrible incident where KD Bowe’s vehicle was broken into and items were stolen this past weekend, KD shared his story on Praise 102.5. Here’s what one listener¬†had to say about his story.¬†

Check out this video to hear a local winner sharing her joy about a special Easter delivery arriving at her doorstep.

Listen to this video where KD Bowe shares information about a James Madison High School in Texas that developed a new dress code but it’s not exactly meant for the students.

Check out this video where KD Bowe talks about Amazon’s next big idea. Delivering groceries to families that are using food stamps could potentially help out millions of Americans.

Check out the video below for KD Bowe’s latest ManUP! Moment about how your mindset can determine your success.

Listen to the audio below about how residents that live around Howard University are using the campus as a “dog park” rather than a campus for its students.