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KD Bowe gives information about men who trying to clear their misdemeanors that the Office of the Solicitor General is here to help all the way until Father’s Day. Click on the video to below to hear all the details to help you or someone you may know!

  According to CNN, the Virginia beach shooter, DeWayne Craddock had very little motivation to cause the deaths of 12 innocent people. Reports say that he was like an average man with typical life problems. Craddock had sent in his resignation letter only hours before the shooting. On Monday, authorities were finally able to access […]

  A woman calls in and responds to KD Bowe’s comment about the Virginia Beach shooter, DeWayne Craddock. What she said is very shocking. Click on the video below to hear the shocking details of a woman that can relate to DeWayne Craddock.

Check out this latest ManUP Moment to get the motivation that you need. Everyone is different so be different!

Woah! What’s making KD Bowe freak out about eating fast food? Go ahead and click on this video below to find out what it is.

KD Bowe takes this time to encourage others that they have a secret weapon. People think they can handle others in any way but not you because you have that secret weapon. Click on the video below to hear what secret weapon you have.

KD Bowe sits down with Attorney Candis Jones to talk about laws and how it effects others. KD gets passionate about an incident in Covington, Georgia and said that “not every incident is march worthy.” Check out what exactly KD is talking about in the video below!

KD Bowe interviews Gospel singer-songwriter, Donald Lawrence where Donald shares knowledge on the subject of judging others. In this interview KD steers the conversation from investments, to past experiences and to future goals of Donald’s career. Check out this extensive interview below for more details!

Dr. Kevin E. James talks with KD Bowe about how Morris Brown College has never closed and students still attend there. Dr. James clears up the confusion between losing accreditation and closing down a school. Click on the video below to find out exactly how Morris Brown College lost their accreditation but has plans to […]

KD Bowe interviews Smokie Norful and Isaiah Templeton who share details of how they met. Smokie Norful describes the previous Grammy nominations for the Gospel category and shares light on the black-lash he received from a social media post. Check out this interview below to see how it unfolded!

  According to the Associated Press, 49-year old Gregory Stanton was sentenced last Friday to 10 months in prison after he pleaded guilty for urinating on a Kellogg’s cereal conveyer belt. The indictment states that Stanton was a contract worker for Kellogg’s plant in April 2014. There he recorded himself urinating in a bucket and […]

  Gospel singer-songwriter Tasha Cobbs Leonard explains to KD Bowe the importance of a worship leader. Tasha said the key to being a worship leader is to lead you to somewhere that she’s already been. Without those crucial experiences it would be impossible to take her audience to the destination she intended. Tasha also shares […]