Jackie Robinson

On Thursday, officials in Philadelphia passed a resolution that not only honors Major League Baseball legend Jackie Robinson's color barrier-breaking appearance in the city in 1947 but also serves as a formal apology. On April 15, the day that Robinson shattered the barrier, his widow will receive a formal apology for the mistreatment her husband faced, NBC Philadelphia reports.

“Foul ball!” That was the call made by the leaders of Chicago’s Jackie Robinson West baseball team against Little League International. The team’s leaders have…

Minor league baseball team Brooklyn Cyclones will host a series of Unity Day events Monday, after a nearby Jackie Robinson statue was vandalized last Wednesday…

Follow @vedahoward Welcome to today’s Entertainment Report from the K.D. Bowe Show. Tamela Mann is still siting with the King. The Jackie Robinson movie 42 tops at the box office  … all that and much more, right here on mypraiseatl.com! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN:

President Obama returns to Atlanta tomorrow (June 26) for more fundraising, and while he’s in town he’s hoping to stop by the Atlanta film set of 42, the Jackie Robinson biopic that’s just about done filming. The movie, which has been shooting in Birmingham, Chattanooga and Macon, is wrapping up with some final background scenes […]

Happy Birthday to pioneering baseball legend Jackie Robinson! He would have been 93. SEE ALSO: Obama Defends Drone Attacks Is It The End For Newt? If you need a refresher on how great a pioneer Robinson was, The Huffington Post gives a rundown of his achievements in sports and the business world: In becoming the […]

The man who broke the baseball color barrier, Jackie Robinson, is an individual that many students both young and old learn about in classrooms across the country. But aside from his success in breaking the color barrier and his hard work during the civil rights movement, many don’t know much about Jackie Robinson the father, […]

From CNN.com: Any baseball fan probably knows the story of Jackie Robinson, the first African-American in major league baseball. But many people don’t realize the role that Robinson’s Christian faith played in his decision to become the major league’s first black baseball player. Tom Krattenmaker, author of Onward Christian Athletes, says Robinson’s Christianity was nurtured by […]

VIA:  JackieRobinson.Com Jack Roosevelt Robinson was born in Cairo, Georgia in 1919 to a family of sharecroppers. His mother, Mallie Robinson, single-handedly raised Jackie and her four other children. They were the only black family on their block, and the prejudice they encountered only strengthened their bond. From this humble beginning would grow the first […]