Avoid Dirty Little Tricks played by Income Tax Scammers. By Denise Dunbar Income Tax season always brings out the most talented, creative and the rudest cooks. That’s why our friends over at the Internal Revenue Service are once again warning us about the “tall tales” phony scammers will try to sell you to get to […]

After an IRS official acknowledged that the agency flagged some 75 conservative groups for additional reviews due to their names including the words “tea party” or…

According to TMZ Bow Wow owes the Internal Revenue Service just short of one hundred thousand dollars. The Cash Money Records artist has been in the studio recording a new album scheduled to drop early 2012. In the meantime : “A tax lien filed in Florida by the federal government says the rapper, real name […]

Congress has been investigating the mega-churches of Bishop Eddie Long, Creflo Dollar and Joyce Meyer for over a year now. The initial congressional investigation led by Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) ended with an audit last fall and was concluded but with open questions. Funds and property were the lynch pins for queries. All the churches […]

Wesley Snipes is finally in federal custody after trying to get his 3-year sentence for tax evasion delayed until after the holidays. Snipes surrendered early today. From TMZ: Traci Billingsley, Chief Public Information Officer for the Bureau of Prisons, tells TMZ, “Wesley Snipes has self surrendered to the minimum security Federal Prison Camp at the […]

Actor Wesley Snipes talked to CNN’s Larry King about how the media has misreported facts about his case. Snipes has been sentenced to three years in prison for not paying taxes and reports to jail on Thursday. “I would say that I relied on the advice of those who I consider professionals,” Wesley Snipes told […]

Actor Wesley Snipes was informed Friday that it’s time for him to report for prison and get started on his 36-month federal sentence for tax-related misdemeanors. “The time has come for the judgment to be enforced,” a Florida judge said in rejecting the actor’s request for a new trial, the Orlando Sentinel reports. Judge William […]

Wesley Snipes was sentenced on Thursday to three years in the clink for three misdemeanor counts of failing to file tax returns. The sentence was the maximum requested by federal prosecutors. From Federal prosecutors said the actor for nearly a decade escaped paying more than $15 million in income tax returns by sending money […]

From As you have no doubt heard there was a 7.0 earthquake in Haiti that has caused widespread damage.  Several nonprofit organizations received donations from Americans.  People who gave to charities providing earthquake relief in Haiti can claim their donations on the tax return they are completing this season Taxpayers who itemize deductions on […]

VIA: A small plane crashed into a business tower that houses some federal offices in Austin, Texas on Thursday morning, engulfing the entire front half of the seven-story building in flames. The plane, a Cherokee 140, hit the Echelon Building around 10 a.m. Federal officials are reporting to CNN that the plane’s pilot set […]

] Comedian/actor Sinbad is in a little bit of trouble with the Internal Revenue Service. How much trouble? $8.15 million in trouble, according to the Detroit News. The US Attorney General wants the comedian’s house sold to help satisfy the debt. On December 10th, an assistant US Attorney asked a federal judge to foreclose on […]