Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders claimed victories in Democratic presidential caucuses Saturday in Washington, Alaska and Hawaii, scooping up key delegates in the primary race against front-runner Hillary Clinton.

During a visit with military families at a Marine Corps Base in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii on Sunday, a curious baby stuck his fingers into President Obama’s mouth.

Now that you have your duffel bags and travel kits out from Memorial Day weekend, it’s time to start planning your trips for the summer. We all know that with today’s economy gas prices and plane ticket prices are shooting off the charts. Don’t let this keep you from exploring this summer! Pick a few […]

WASHINGTON D.C. — A day after CNN completed an investigation claiming that President Obama was indeed born in the U.S., the White House went ahead and released the official birth certificate of the president. Since the launch of his campaign in 2007, Obama’s biggest detractors and critics have accused him of not being born in […]

From the New York Times: HONOLULU — The conspiracy theorists who cling to the false belief that President Obama was born outside the United States outrage many Democrats and embarrass many Republicans. But to a group of Hawaii state workers who toil away in a long building across from the Capitol, they represent something else: […]

VIA: New York Times HONOLULU — As Air Force One lifted off late Sunday night, President Obama and his family left behind a balmy 77-degree Hawaiian evening. Bearing east, the plane headed toward Washington, where the temperature was a brisk 23 degrees. If a 54-degree climate swing were not reason enough to lament the end […]

VIA: New York Times Vacationing U.S. President Barack Obama interrupted a golf game on Monday and sped back to his holiday house after the child of friends was hurt in a beach accident. Obama, on vacation in the island state where he grew up, raced home in his motorcade in a bit of high drama […]