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Fox News Channel has announced that it is dropping Glenn Beck’s controversial afternoon talk show. As we previously reported, Beck’s show has lost over 1 million viewers and is suffering financially due to several advertisers boycotting the program. Fox and Beck said the show will end later this year. Beck’s media company Mercury Radio Arts […]

Reports are surfacing that Fox News may fire controversial conservative host Glenn Beck after he lost a million viewers in the last year on his show “The Glenn Beck Show.” In the last year, Beck went from an average of 2.9 million viewers to 1.8. Beck’s contract comes up for review in December. Read more […]

Bloomberg Businessweek is reporting the NewsCorp the Rupert Murdoch owned parent company of Fox News, has donated $1 million to the Republican Governor’s Association. Read the full story here. RELATED STORIES: Only 1 Percent Of Fox News’ Primetime Viewers Are Black Former DNC Chair Howard Dean: “Fox News Is Absolutely Racist”

From Huffington Evangelical Christian minister Tim LaHaye says that the policy initiatives put forth by the Obama administration are bringing the country “closer to the apocalypse.” LaHaye issued the dire warning in an appearance this week on Mike Huckabee’s talk show on Fox News. “Our present president doesn’t seem to get it,” LaHaye explained. […]

From While working on his article published yesterday in the New York Times highlighting the right-wing media’s “misleading coverage,” reporter Brian Stelter did some background research into cable news viewership demographics. While he didn’t include the findings in his story, he found them notable enough to publish on Twitter. The Huffington Post summarizes the […]

From Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean took direct aim at Fox News for its involvement in the Shirley Sherrod racism flap, calling their coverage “absolutely racist.” Dean, the former Democratic National Committee chairman, offered his candid assessment in an appearance on “Fox News Sunday” in which he criticized the cable network for being complicit […]

From Fox News’ video of President Obama’s speech this weekend at West Point omits cadets’ applause after the President discussed ending the Iraq War. “WestPt cadets applaud Obama, FoxNews alters tape 2 remove applause,” Michael Moore tweeted. In the official video, seen at bottom, cadets applaud after Obama says, “through their competence and creativity […]

From Glenn Beck thinks social or economic justice are code words for Nazism or communism, and he called President Barack Obama a racist, but he can’t get enough of Madea? That’s right, filmmaker Tyler Perry is one of Beck’s heroes: “This guy is a hero to me. This guy is fantastic,” Beck said. Huh? […]

VIA: Glenn Beck, a popular conservative and Fox News television personality, is famous for sounding political alarms and giving teary-eyed chalkboard lessons. Most often, his bizarre lectures are aimed at political liberals. Last week, however, Beck fixed his sights on a new target: socially conscious Christians. On his radio show, the host told his […]