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Conservative Black minister Bishop E.W. Jackson joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss his views about Black Lives Matter and why he considers the movement “demonic.”

Bishop Jackson is part of a group of ministers who believe it’s time to revive America’s inner cities. The group, Staying True to America’s National Destiny, or STAND, says President Barack Obama and activists have done little to help the nation’s growing race, poverty, crime, and violence issues. reported Bishop Jackson, “lashed out at the ‘demonic Black Lives Matter movement’” during a conference call he organized with conservative activists in November.

Jackson “urged conservative activists to join one of his campaigns to address the problem in America’s cities right now” because urban issues “threaten to boil over into real unrest in our country as a result of this demonic Black Lives Matter movement and the rhetoric of this president, and before him Attorney General Eric Holder and Al Sharpton, and all of these folks who are so dedicated to stirring up racial strife.”

On Friday’s edition of NewsOne Now, Roland Martin confronted Bishop Jackson about his disparaging remarks regarding the movement for social justice that is making some headway demanding accountability from law enforcement officials.

Martin kicked off his dialogue with Jackson asking, “Why do you call Black Lives Matter demonic when you have folks all across this country who have gone to the streets, who have been protesting, who have been fighting for police accountability — why do you call them disgraceful and demonic?”

Bishop Jackson responded by saying, “What has to happen is that the community has to be brought together, not divided.”

He continued, “Police are an absolute necessity for the safety of law-abiding citizens in the community, and so calling them ‘pigs in a blanket’ and saying insulting things only serves to make things less safe for the average Black person that is not out there committing crimes. Secondly, the fact that literally every year thousands of young Black men are dying in the streets in Black-on-Black crime is completely ignored” by Black Lives Matter.

Martin interrupted Jackson and commenced to fact-check the Bishop for implying the Black Lives Matter movement has been silent on inter-community violence.

Martin then went on to ask Jackson if it was “evil for activists to fight for justice for Tamir Rice when here we are one year after his shooting and still no justice.”

“Is it evil for people to force Chicago to release the video of Laquan McDonald shot 16 times by an officer, leading to that officer being charged — the first time ever while on duty for first degree murder?” Martin asked. “Is it evil for them to advocate for Eric Garner when the New York Justice League got Andrew Cuomo, the governor, to sign an executive order calling for an independent prosecutor, the attorney general, to investigate all those cases?”

Jackson then said, “If what you’re trying to get me to say is that when officers violate their authority and do wrong things that they should not be punished — of course they should be punished and in fact, my argument is they should be punished even worse than the average citizen because we give them a great deal of trust.”

“If you watch this show, you will actually know what the real narrative is,” Martin responded.

Watch Roland Martin and Bishop E.W. Jackson’s intense debate over Black Lives Matter, Jackson’s belief that the movement is “disgraceful” and “demonic,” and more in the video clip above.

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