VIA: Christian Post Brian Mcknight’s “Adult Mixtape” has caused so much backlash that the singer had to take the video of the song down from his YouTube page. Brian McKnight’s adult mixtape idea came to him during a Twitter session with his followers, he claimed in the video. Following that, he created the song […]

Source: The Filipino Roman Catholic Church has asked native boxer and politician Manny Pacquiao to be the country’s “Bible Ambassador,” hoping to set a trend among locals like NFL quarterback Tim Tebow has done with his faith in the U.S. “We asked him to partner with us in promoting the reading of the Bible […]

Amber Rose is best known for dating rappers like Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa, but she recently revealed that she is a Christian. Our sister site filmed her as she explained why she doesn’t smoke weed with her current boyfriend Wiz Khalifa, and much more. Watch Amber explain herself right here. RELATED POSTS: How […]

Shiho Fukada for The New York Times From the New York Times: QOSH, Iraq — A new wave of Iraqi Christians has fled to northern Iraq or abroad amid a campaign of violence against them and growing fear that the country’s security forces are unable or, more ominously, unwilling to protect them. The flight — […]

From the New York Times: WASHINGTON — Americans need only stand in line at the grocery checkout counter to glimpse the conspiracy theories percolating about President Obama. “Birthplace Cover-Up,” screams the current issue of the racy tabloid Globe. “Obama’s Secret Life Exposed!” The article claims, without proof, that Mr. Obama uses a phony Social Security […]

From the Denver Post: Megachurch, meet microchurch. Growing numbers of Coloradans believe the tiny house church, also called a simple church or an organic church, might be the mightier transformer of Christian lives. A recliner becomes a pulpit. A sofa and some armchairs serve as pews. Where two or more people are gathered in his […]

From Lutisha Lovely is definitely the Christian answer to Jackie Collins. She takes you on a journey of suspense, excitement and drama that is parallel to the night time soap operas that were all the rage in the 1980’s. The saga begins with “Sex in the Sanctuary” where you meet Vivian Montgomery at the […]

VIA: New York Times DEIR MAR MOUSA, Syria — As darkness falls over the vast Syrian desert and the first winter stars emerge, a trail of modern-day pilgrims is slowly climbing the stone steps of this remote cliff-top monastery. They are a motley crew of religious seekers and backpackers from a dozen countries, some hoping […]

VIA: Each Christmas, Christians tell stories about the poor baby Jesus born in a lowly manger because there was no room in the inn. But the Rev. C. Thomas Anderson, senior pastor of the Living Word Bible Church in Mesa, Arizona, preaches a version of the Christmas story that says baby Jesus wasn’t so […]