African American women

According to the nonprofit research organization Catalyst, there are only 23 female CEOs among Fortune 500 companies. When Burns steps down, there will only be one woman of color among the group.

Atlanta is in the midst of a crisis because the rate in which African-American women in the city are being infected with HIV is now being compared to some third world countries. Studies have shown that black women now make up 60 percent of newly reported HIV cases. The CDC has reported that 1 of […]

Gender inequalities have fueled several debates in history, from women having the right to vote to women in the workplace. While researching gender inequalities in different countries, I came across the controversial practice of female circumcision in Africa. This painful practice is perpetuated in Africa because of male domination embedded in the social and cultural […]

We recently ran a list of the 30 Black Female Leaders You Should Know About. Because there are lots of great female African American leaders, here are 30 more! 1. Mae Jemison Mae Jemison has gone farther than most people, let alone most black women. Jemison became the first African American astronaut in space when […]

From Swimming is a great form of exercise, a refreshing summer activity and an important life skill. Yet African American women seem to be…let’s say less than enthusiastic. “Oh no, black women don’t swim.” Michael Hawkins, an instructor at Hair Design Institute in Manhattan, often hears that from clients, students and some stylists when […]

History has provided us with some extremely successful stories of courage, strength and leadership. Yet sometimes we forget about just how extensive and diverse these stories are. So we’re profiling some of the many women who should be recognized for their achievements and strength. From sport to literature, politics to art, black women have been […]