Please keep the Houston and Brown families in your prayers as they seek to have closure concerning the death of their beloved Bobbi Kristina.  Pray for Nick Gordon and his family as well.  It’s troubling to think that the events described in this lawsuit happened.  Read for yourself the report from CNN. CNN: Lawsuit alleges […]

In about two weeks it will be one year since we lost the legendary Whitney Houston. For the first time Houston’s mother Cissy speaks publicly about her daughter’s death in an interview with Oprah. While the speculation continues about how she died, Cissy seems to believe drugs had nothing to do with it even though […]

A teenage girl who ran away from home in Ohio because she feared her father would kill her has been court-ordered to return to Ohio. A Florida judge, where 17-year-old Rifqa Bary fled, said the teen likely will enter the foster care system in her home state while her family attends psychiatric evaluation. Bary said […]