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The Georgia Christian Coalition says it is now contacting lawmakers to urge them not to consider a $1-a-pack increase in the state tax on cigarettes.

However, a sales tax on lottery tickets and an entertainment sales tax – on movie tickets, for instance — should be considered in the future, said GCC president Jerry Luquire.

This from the Christian Coalition press release:

Some of those proposing the increase cite health as a reason for the tax and claim the tax would lower demand for the product especially among teens. “If you think money has any real meaning to teens,” Luquire observes, “then you haven’t checked their spending on cell phones, texting, video games, energy drinks and car accessories.

A former smoker, he said, “A nicotine addict is going to have his fix and a nickel a cigarette is simply going to mean he has less money to spend on other things that also have taxes on them.” He said he quit smoking December 25, 1982.

As to health claims he observed, “With those wanting to tax everything that tastes good in the name of helping your health, there is no end to the harassment they will bring. If so called unhealthy foods were killing you, there would be no old, fat people crowding buffets,” Luquire added.