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Family, some of you may know and some may not, but I have been single for almost two years and I have learned a lot on my journey to wholeness.  Being married for 18 years with a faithful commitment to my family in nurturing and growing and supporting them all of my adult life, this divorce and life shifting were different for me.  It’s an incredible journey to wholeness and I have a few thoughts and nuggets listed that I’d like to share with you:

  • A truly single person is one who is complete.. physically, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually without dependence on anyone else
  • A broken woman/man cannot offer anything to a relationship…rebuild yourself FIRST and just hangout with people…nothing too serious

  • LADIES at the same time (when u are ready to) give them something to work for.. are you really worth the chase? have something to offer him
  • Save yourself some time and headache, don’t expect a broken man or woman to give u anything they don’t have… let them grow, heal & rebuild..
  • Loving God with your heart mind and soul and valuing your relationship with Him is the 1st step to wholeness…
  • Having clear &solid faith in what u believe, why u believe it, & being committed to obeying God with a grasp of His standards r the 2nd step
  • Having a sure focus of motivation and control that comes from U is the 3rd characteristic of wholeness be guided and directed by U and GOD
  • I want to be so consumed by God and that God will have to interrupt me to bring another person into my life as a partner..#LOVEGOD!
  • Don’t get so distracted and preoccupied with “Who you want” that you forget to be Who YOU are
  • Be willing to lose dates by not compromising your standards…set the bar as a QUEEN..a KING will respect it reach it. Playas can’t
  • Almost ANYBODY can get a used car…..but not everyone can get a Bentley..LADIES r u a used car or a Bentley? #DEFINEYOURSELF
  • I hear so many brothers talking about “I’m looking for a Michelle Obama” Well Be a Barack Obama and you’ll attract one…
  • Ladies don’t settle for a jester who plays games, when it’s destined of a QUEEN to have a KING…treat Jesters as entertainment..lololol
  • BROTHERS!!!! This goes for you too…How happy will you be with anything less than a Queen if you are a King? #DONTSETTLE
  • Brother’s, a real Queen is accustomed to multiplying her own gold so what do u think she do with yours? Get rid of gold-digger’s!
  • LADIES TAKE CARE OF YOU!!!! Loving you attracts love to you…


  • Am I right brothers? Men are attracted to a woman that spends time on herself making sure she not only looks well but IS well..
  • people who use self-control in the area of sex will also use self-control in less difficult areas…Celibacy is a powerful in building trust
  • people who are dating and don’t share similar life goals are simply not right for each other…keep them as friends and move on…