For those who may not know anything about sports, Tim Tebow is a quarterback in the NFL who is a strong Christian believer and missionary.

He believes that his steps are ordered by God and although he may not be the best quarterback in the league. God is by his side helping him through his trials. Tebow had a rough entry into the league and everyone had him pegged as a loser. Even his own general manager thought he wasn’t good enough. But the favor of God has stepped in and Tebow has gone on a winning streak that no one can seem to understand.

However, the people from The Church of Satan do not believe that it is God’s grace that is on Tebow. Here’s what they had to say:

God is not helping Tim Tebow, this according to a rep for The Church of Satan. Peter H. Gilmore, a high priest in the Church said it doesn’t make sense to say God is helping Tim win games … because that would mean God’s actively making other teams lose … and why would God do that?

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