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Actress Garcelle Beauvais, better known as “Fancy” from “The Jamie Foxx Show,” has been greatly affected by the tragedy that has struck Haiti. She herself grew up on the island, coming to the United States with her parents at the age of seven.

The news has continued to report on the status of the country, detailing the death toll, the emergence of rescue teams, and the unfortunate change in the behavior of its natives, as they are turning to looting in desperation and beginning to show less patience as the days pass.

Beauvais told Larry King: “You have to question faith, in a way, you do. I mean, you don’t understand, especially a place like Haiti. We’ve been hit so hard by lots – why would this happen? I don’t know. This is the country that deserves this the least – not that anybody deserves it. But we are resilient and we are proud. Even if we have nothing, we are very, very proud. It’s unfortunate. It’s devastating.”

She continued: “We have family we haven’t been able to contact… cousins… We have no contact. We spoke to my brother-in-law through e-mail yesterday. We got an e-mail and he was in the car. He said it sounded like a bomb went off. It was just that loud.”

“It’s really hard to take. It’s really hard to watch. I mean, seeing the one picture of the baby covered under the rubble, because they couldn’t get to it… Those are my people. Those faces are my family. The worst is not knowing.”