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The cutout trend has been spotted all over celebrities. Some show off their abs, others show off their neckline, but if you’re trying to pull it off, here are a few tips from Glamour.

1. Keep the rest of your look super simple. Let the dress do the talking. No crazy jewelry, no wild shoes, no color risks–even the hairdo is sleek and understated!

2. Highlight a body part you love. It may seem obvious, but when you’re showing a lot of skin, it helps to have total confidence, and flaunting your favorite asset is a great way to get that boost. Got insanely-toned, hard-earned abs? Go for side cutouts. Obsessed with your cleavage? Go for a keyhole at the bustline.

3. But don’t give it all away. Remember, dolls…subtlety can be sexy! If the whole cutout thing sounds way out of your league, highlighting an unexpected spot–like your collarbone or your back–is so much sultrier than an overexposing,

in-your-face number.

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