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The Rihanna-Chris Brown saga was a really big news story that became a popular topic of  discussion at office water coolers, intimate gatherings and even with people you really didn’t know but wanted to chime in just because you needed to be heard. The horrific pictures of Rihanna’s face quickly were distributed for all to see and details about the night were sketchy but revealed to the public.  The tumultuous romance ended and welcomed millions of people to offer their opinion on domestic violence. The two celebrities endured scrutiny for many months. The world was privy to exclusive interviews by the two and heard about the aftermath and what went wrong.  No matter how you felt or whether you took time to pick a side, the possibility of the two ever speaking again was a difficult prediction that even the smartest and intuitive individual couldn’t elaborate on.

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Reports are now surfacing on site like TMZ that after two years of separation and lift of a restraining order, Rihanna and Chris Brown are now twitter friends and following one another.  Social Media is a new phenomena. Facebook and Twitter have reunited many people. Could this be the start of something new between the two?  Have the two moved on?  Only time will tell.  Stay tuned.

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