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John P. Kee At The 11th Annual Spirit Of Praise

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When you think of choir hits the first person you instantly think of is John P. Kee and New Life Choir. Since the early 90’s, the North Carolina native has contributed to the sound of gospel music in a tremendous way. John P. Kee and New Life choir mastered the sound of 3-part harmonies, put a twist on washboard instruments and tambourines, and incorporated a jazzy sound to make “choir music” sound more contemporary. Over 20 years later you can still hear the influences of their sound through our favorite gospel artist and groups.

Last Month, John P. Kee did a Verzuz with Hezekiah Walker. From the comments you can see how much fans still remember some of his top hits from over 20 years ago. John P. Kee truly created his own genre, which I would say is “Contemporary Choir Songs.” With a huge catalogue of music, we have highlighted some of the fan favorites. 


Standing in the Need Of Prayer

John put a soulful jazzy twist to African American Spiritual Hymn. The beginning organ chords of the song let you know how smooth this song is going to be. It’s an ultimate worship song for many. 


Jesus is Real 

Sing-a-long as you read, “Jesus is real I know the lord is real to me (repeat for the people who missed it in the parking lot) Jesus is real I know the lord is real to me. Sometimes when I’m feeling low…” You know the rest. This song will forever be a choir bop and make you understand how real Jesus is in all of our lives. 



The only version you should jam is the live version. That beginning “ooooh ooooh” will give you strength that you can harmonize with the best. The hornes and the trumpets from that song sound like the pure sound of God’s choir in heaven. 



Stand will forever be a goodie because the message is so universal. The song encourages us to stand up for our spiritual beliefs, stand up when your friends leave your side, and stand up in those times of loneliness. 


Show Up

Show up simply tells us how God will show up in our lives when we exercise our faith. Not only will God show up but he will show up on time. 


I Believe 

The washboard, the tambourine, the stomping sound on the church baseboards and the horns makes this song a fan favorite. This song will make a believer out of you, especially because the sound is so old school. 


I Do Worship You

First off John P. Kee octave on this song when he gets to the bridge is amazing. The high squeal is the perfect way to introduce everyone’s favorite line “For your goodness.” 


Life and Favor 

This song speaks to those who have a tremendous testimony about their life. For those who don’t understand how God got them out of their situation, John P. Kee and New Life simply state God’s favor upon their life that brought them out of their situation. 


Love’s In Need 

Having such a jazzy tempo, this song will forever be a fan favorite off his Colorblind album. Not just the tempo, but the message continues to speak to the heart of the people saying the love of God is all we need to get rid of any ounce of hate that we have in our hearts. 


Oh How Wondrous

This song sound and lyrics are so contemporary. New Life harmonies blend really well on this song and fans seem to enjoy it. 


Listen to his hits here :

Words by: Kinyana Mccoy