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Bishop Carlton Pearson stopped by The KD Bowe Show and proposes “How Can You Make A Choice To Be Gay, And Be Straight?”.

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He shares his thoughts on Kim Burrell‘s recent controversial sermon and gives perspective on how some religions worship an “angry” God as part of their faith.

His proposes for thought:

Many gay people don’t consider themselves sinful or sinners…they say they were born that way. Well if you say they weren’t born that way, and made a choice, well admitting that that’s a choice you could make…

Well how can you make a choice to be gay and be straight? – if i chose to be straight, then I could have chose to not be straight…

The person who insists that gay people are not born that way, are insisting that that’s a choice or a proclivity that they may have. They could have been homo or bisexual – but they chose not to. So Kim is sweet, Shirley Caesar is the Queen, I adore her…I notice that the LGBT community is just as hurt as many fundamentalists are…when you believe in an angry God, you worship and angry God, you’re going to be angry…you may believe that God, trust that God, serve that God, but you will never fully love that God. You can mix Fear and Love that way…

Bishop Pearson also has a movie coming out soon by way of NPR called Come Sunday that will share his transition from Pentecostal religious views to more spirituality and consciousness.

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