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There are many theories about being “born gay” and whether or not being gay is a choice a person chooses to identify with. Meet Jackie Hill-Perry, a former hip-hop female rapper who recalls experiencing gender role issues as early as her adolescent years.

Watch the video above as Hill-Perry tells her journey of engaging in a homosexual life during her teenage years, the challenges of understanding the cost to bear the lifestyle and what she had to do in order to experience a new life.

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Hill-Perry believes that the sin itself wasn’t worth everything that came with being homosexual:

Homosexuality is not the issues plaguing a person, sin is the issue plaguing a person, homosexuality is just the outworking of that nature…it was overwhelmingly obvious that everything I loved with profit me hell. I told God that I’ve tried on my own and it didn’t work, but I know enough about you to know that you will help me…

She even shares the moment she felt her first attraction to the opposite sex – her now husband Preston.

It was difficult the first two years, but God kept me because I had a community…If I didn’t have Christians around me, I would have been doomed… Though I may see a woman that’s beautiful and be tempted, I have temptations to curse people out too, I have temptations to get drunk, to watch pornography… that’s just the human experience…The Christian is not void of temptation…The temptation got less powerful over time, but in that place, over time probably 3-4 years into my walk is when I began to feel the attraction to Preston. It wasn’t “I’m attracted to a man, it was I’m attracted to him and I’m more than willing to love his masculinity too”.

Hill-Perry also has a message for parents who may have children dealing with gender roll issues or identifying as homosexual:

First and foremost really TRUST GOD…Because with my mother, my aunt, Christians around me may have seen my condition and thought it was hopeless. They didn’t know I was running into people on the street that were convicting me…they didn’t know I was seeing certain commercials, certain gospel songs that reminded me of God…just be faithful…God changed me by showing me himself…He’s aware of what’s happening, it’s not foreign to Him…His son died for them…He loves your children more than you do…

This is truly an inspirational and very transparent testimony so please share with anyone you feel may have struggles in this area of their life.

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