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Posing for the perfect selfie

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Selfies Selfies and MORE Selfies!! This is the NEW CRAZE. People take selfies and they make sure that they are angled correctly so that the selfie can be enhanced and all.  But what does taking and posting so many selfies say about you? Many people believe that it is the ultimate form of VANITY to take so many selfies.  I’ve actually seen the looks some people give to others who are taking selfies like ”Who does she think she is?  She thinks she is cute” I would like to suggest that perhaps it is not vanity to take selfies. Here are three other perspectives to take on people who take selfies.

It is NORMAL on Social Media: sometimes we simply do things because we can. It is a photo snapping phenomenon these days that perhaps not everyone has totally adapted to.  What makes our world turn is the fact that phenomenons are started when people do what everyone else’s does and they label it normal. They become a self-relevant means to communication to others. So, accept the fact that taking Selfies, is in fact normal. Selfie’s are new in the thread of society.

It Motivates people who are social : social people like to be noticed and with attractive selfies they will attract the opportunity to become even more social.. People LOVE attention and we are naturally wired for attention to excite us about ourselves. That’s not a bad thing, in fact it inhibits the notion that self- love is just as important than loving outside of yourself

Peoples social anxieties are being addressed: Selfies aren’t as shallow and self-promotional as you may think.  Believe it or not the interaction may boost the esteem of people who have social anxieties.  They have a chance to see themselves in a better light. Many people think that taking selfies is borderline narcissistic because it is perceived as a need for excessive validation. There is a big difference between the need for motivation and the need for validation. As long as the person taking selfies and posting them is aware of the difference, it can be a positive part of their social life.