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1.   There is the strong possibility that your King is preparing himself to approach you. 

So many times women try to position themselves for the right man and pray for Mr. Right and there are men who have been watching just how right you are and your style, charisma, you classiness has not only attracted him, but motivated him to become a better man for you.

  1. If you do not have a savings, a financial plan for the future and your credit is bad you aren’t ready anyway.

Society has placed the stigma that men have to have their finances in order before they can be privileged to a real woman.  Well here is breaking news, a real King doesn’t want a broke and financially challenged so-called queen either there is a verse in the scriptures in Proverbs 31 that says “She considers the field and buys it” Take your time in your single life and get your financial portfolio together.  You become much more of a commodity and an asset to great men when you are informed and more of a partner with him than a liability to his pocket.

  1. This is your best opportunity to explore

Do I mean explore the world?  Yes.  Do I mean explore in dating different men?  YES.  Do I mean explore in your career?  Yes. Many women are stuck in their own comfort zone and they want someone to come into their tight little space of an ideal to conform to your ways and values that have not been challenged. Give yourself time to explore EVERYTHING you can so that when you are ready to settle on a partner not only will you know what you want, you will attract what you want and need. Your chances of connecting with a lifelong partner are greater when your vision has been expanded.

  1. You set the bar for the men you meet

There is this perception in our society that the ration of men to women is 20 -1.  The reality is 2-1.  There are not many good women who are mentally, physically, spiritually, financially and emotionally ready for a relationship.  If you are, then you are a hot commodity.  The other reality is, there are men that believe that they are the commodity and will play the game with as many women as they can.  When you realize that you are the prize, the Eagles, the Kings, the Leaders will recognize you as one in a million and not one of many.

  1. God KNOWS the plans He has for you

Rest assured that God knows the plans He has for you.   Even the plans for a mate that is suited for you.  The uneasiness comes in when you don’t know the whole plan. Do not make any decisions while you are uneasy. God knows you, you need to know you and value yourself enough to know that God will connect you in due season.   Enjoy yourself, enjoy your single life.  You can do whatever you soul desires right now so do it. Gain a firm and powerful relationship spiritually with the Lord and Your man will find you hiding in the heart of God. Trust that God’s timing is PERFECT for you.