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Creflo Dollar

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News reports are all over this story about Pastor Creflo Dollar asking his supporters which are well over 20,00 people to sow a $300 seed for the purchase of his $60 million dollar GulfStream Jet.

Now personally, when I saw the price tag of the jet I have to admit that I was taken back that it costs so much. As I kept thinking about it, I had to identify with my own reality which is I’ve never been in the market for any jet ever. The demand on my life and ministry is totally satisfied right now with a couple of plane tickets to get me where I need to be. So for me to be taken back would be a natural response because I just can’t relate to that reality. Heck, I don’t even pastor a church. With that being said, let’s consider the ministry of Creflo Dollar.

I know right off that Pastor Dollar has JUST in the UNITED STATES, over 20 churches and is still in the midst of developing over a dozen more. If these facts are inconceivable for you, then this would explain why his need for a 60 million dollar private jet to transport his ministerial staff and himself and his wife and family is inconceivable for you. I personally feel that we as a generation are watching the result of someone staying consistent with a vision to change the world by teaching the gospel. I can’t ever remember Pastor Dollar NOT doing what I have always known him to do. He is consistent.

So, think about this, can you have a name like World Changers Church International and effectively operate with limited to no access to the world to change it? At the end of the day, Pastor Dollar’s FAITHFUL SUPPORTERS that have supported him for decades, the ones that have grown with him and this demand for his ministry, don’t you think that it’s up to them whether they will support him with this or not? Whatever the outcome, Pastor Dollar has a remarkable nationwide and worldwide ministry that is in high demand. The fruit of his labor speaks. With SO many ministries crumbling, and failing in this day and time, I believe that there is something to be said about one that continues to thrive internationally.

I send KUDOS to Pastor Dollar and his efforts and initiatives. I know that the Lord will provide as He always has, whatever the ministry needs to continue to grow.

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