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As parents, we are always looking out for bullies…we don’t want to find out that our child is being bullied. We are automatically on the defensive if we find that other kids might be bullying our child but what do you do if your child is the Bully?

Here are top signs for you to observe in your child that could possibly reveal that they are the bully…


Trouble Sleeping

Studies have shown that children with sleep problems related to sleep-disordered breathing are more likely to exhibit bullying tendencies or have other behavior problems than children without the sleep concerns.


Behavioral Issues

Kids who are hot-headed, thoughtless, or easily frustrated are three common behaviors that could indicate that a child is a bully. Look for these underlying signs of bullying in your child’s every day, at-home manner. Observe the relationship your child has with his or her peers while they are mingling among them. If you detect some of these behaviors your child may be the bully.


Trouble at School

Does your child get in to fights? Do they act dominate and aggressive with other kids? Are they even disrespectful to teachers? You may have a bully on your hands.


Obsessed With Popularity

Does your child often talk about being the popular one in school? Is it to the point of obsession? Even in adults we see the underlying problem with insecurity when people become obsessed with their popularity.


Birds of a Feather Flock Together-Watch your Kids Friends


Sometimes your child can hide some of their ways from you, but if you start noticing his or her friends to seem aggressive or mean-spirited or if they exhibit any bully behavior, it is very possible that your child is also involved in bullying.


There Is Violence at Home

Studies have proven that bullies or victims of bullying are much more likely to have experienced violence in the home. Bullies are four times more likely to have been hurt by someone in their family than students who are neither bullies nor victims of bullying.


You Don’t Have a Good Relationship With Your Child

Bad parenting can lead to bullying and, in the long run, good parenting can solve many of these problems. Parents play a key role in whether their child becomes a bully. Children are more likely to bully others if they feel their parents are frequently angry at them or if they feel that they are a nuisance to their parents. Parents who have a good relationship and talk openly with their kids raise kids who are less likely to bully others.

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