Attorney General Eric Holder stood in the shadows of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as he spoke to community leaders last night at Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church. 51 years to the date after Rosa Parks “Transformed a Nation” with her refusal to give up her seat just days after her meeting with Dr. King about the “Non Indictment” of Emmett Till’s Murderers in Jackson Mississippi. Attorney General Eric Holder stated “Who could have imagined 50 years ago that a black male would be the Attorney General of the United States serving an African American President”. Those words invoked the attention of the near 2500 attendees that filled the sanctuary to capacity.

This visit to Atlanta was the first of a nationwide tour with Attorney General Eric Holder as his mission and commitment is to ensure faith and confidence in the Justice system, that citizens of the United States rights are protected and to restore the trust between our communities and the officers who serve them. He announced steps to move the nation forward from the disparities and injustice experienced within communities across the nation. The first step announced last night was that the Federal Justice Department made the Ferguson Missouri Case with Officer Wilson killing unarmed teenager Michael Brown and “Ongoing Investigation as of today”. He also mentioned plans to “Rethink felon disenfranchisement”. Convicted Felons to be restored their voting rights once their time has been served. Attorney General Holder also mentioned that there was a review of police equipment and they are making steps to ensure appropriate use of units to improve reporting including the 3 year initiative for Law Enforcement to use Body Cameras. He stated that the Government is committed to end racial profiling with fair and effective policies and announced that a task force lead by Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey including community leaders and law enforcement representatives will examine how to build public trust and how to effectively promote crime reduction by identifying practices and inconsistencies and will offer suggestions to ensure fair policing..

Protestors interrupted Attorney General Holders Speech as seen here.

As they left the service, Attorney General Holder said,” I ain’t Mad atcha” and expounded by stating that “He is proud of the passion they have to see justice and hopes that they continue to remain passionate with their peaceful protests.”

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