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Sun in hands.This particular Sunday morning at Valley Brook Outreach Baptist Church  in Pelzer S.C. will NEVER be forgotten.  An 88 year old member was thought at first to be asleep  until  someone sitting next to him realized that he was not breathing.  As Pastor Curtis Johnson was preaching his sermon, everyone noticed the commotion on the side of the audience where this member normally sits. The members that were sitting around him  were all together focused in aiding trying to wake him and simply could not. They called for the church medics who then came and were also unsuccessful in getting a pulse or detecting any breath. In a time lapse of about 10/12 minutes  this man’s body was cold and had hardend.  durinf the time that the paramedics were in route, it became obvious to Pastor Johnson that this moment needed his attention , as it was more than obvious that this 88 year old man sat totally lifeless in worship service.  See below the video of what happens in the service as Pastor Johnson was notified of this.



After this he was taken to the hospital and given close observation for 3 days.  The doctors noted and confirmed that his heart and breath totally stopped and could not find and indication in his body as to why this happened. All that can be said is that here is another miracle of the death defying p ower of our God on record.

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