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This just happened to me today…I was in the Drive Thru at Starbucks and when I pulled up to the Window the Clerk Said:

Clerk: “Maam I have a surprise for you, The Gentleman in front of you paid for your order”

ME: “(totally surprised by it) WOW!! What a blessing, well can I pay for the order of the person behind me?”

Clerk: SURE!! WHOAA! What is THIS?

ME: “a trail of Blessings…Let’s see how far it goes”

…I wonder if the person behind me got a clue that blessing the person behind them could make their day…dare u to do it and spread the love…doesn’t have to be Starbucks, could be at the grocery store, or the gas station, in a convenience store, picking up your lunch today….we r blessed to be a blessing. ..spread the word, be aware, start a trail…post ur experiences… This could be so fun!! :) It doesn’t have to cost a whole lot unless you can afford to spend a whole lot…Go throught the Express lane at the grocery store, someone may have a bar of soap, or even in a restaurant, you see someone eating alone, their bill may only be $10…Let’s Change some lives start a TRAIL of BLESSINGS, and call us 404-741-1025, Tweet us @praise1025, or comment here on this post…We want the world to know How BLESSED you are. ;-)

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May the Blessings of Abraham Shower your Life….

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