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RNC Chairman Michael Steele on Sunday offered some of the most forceful disapproval of Rand Paul’s libertarian positions to date from within the broader Republican Party.

In dual Sunday news show appearance, the Republican National Committee leader said he was “not comfortable” with Paul’s position on the Civil Rights Act — which he called “misplaced in these times” — and cautioned that if he were to be elected the Tea Party-backed candidate would have to temper his views accordingly.

“He had a philosophical difference as many members who come to Congress have a different philosophies,” he said. “But when you get here, what you do and how you execute the job is what matters.”

Perhaps a reflection of his own personal history, Steele’s rebuke was remarkably direct. At the very least it dwarfed the muddled responses from Republicans in the Senate, who have largely skirted the question of whether they, like Paul, think the Civil Rights Act intruded too deeply in private enterprise.

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