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Glenn Beck thinks social or economic justice are code words for Nazism or communism, and he called President Barack Obama a racist, but he can’t get enough of Madea?

That’s right, filmmaker Tyler Perry is one of Beck’s heroes:

“This guy is a hero to me. This guy is fantastic,” Beck said.


Beck said he loved Perry’s independence and his ability to combine entertainment with an “enlightening” message.

“How is it I don’t know this man? How is it we are not friends?” said Beck who admitted to just recently seeing his first Tyler Perry movie. “It’s exactly the kind of movie that would make a lot of money. It is amazing — he can’t get it done so he sets up his own production company and he’s wildly successful…. I just told the guys this morning that I want to meet him – I want to set up a meeting because from what little I know, we think exactly the same way.”

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