If you’re expecting your man to pop the question, chances are it’s probably going to happen next month. What is it about Winter that makes you want to commit? With cuffing season in full swing and Thanksgiving in the rear view, couples everywhere find themselves on the threshold of Engagement Season. You know that special […]

One of the highlights of any reception is the happy couple’s first dance, but picking out the right song can be harder than many think. How can you possibly pick a song that encompasses your relationship and all your hopes for the future with the perfect groove? It’s nearly impossible. Lucky for you, we have […]

Anyone that has ever gotten engaged is familiar with the onslaught of questions that fly their way as soon as they announce they’re getting married. After everyone’s done oohing and ahhing over the engagement ring, brides-to-be should expect to be interrogated about a wedding date or their dress. They should even expect questions about who […]

Brelyn Freeman, now Brelyn Bowman, the daughter of Maryland Pastor Dr. Mike Freeman, recently got married. It looked like a beautiful Black society wedding from the photos posted on social media. But it’s not the wedding itself that has people talking. It’s what happened before the ceremony. Brelyn decided to give her father a special gift – proof […]

There are just some people you can’t invite to your wedding if you want a good time to be had by all. Wedding planning isn’t all cake tastings and dress fittings. You’ve got to figure out who is actually going to show up for your nuptials or your big day will be looking pretty small. […]

It’s been over a year since comedian Tracy Morgan was badly injured in a highway car crash, but things are finally looking up. Yesterday, Morgan…

Check out these amazing natural styles you might want to try out for your big day.  

Who doesn’t love Black love?! We do and we celebrate it with our “Put A Ring On It” series. Each week, we’ll feature YOUR engagement and wedding…

Television’s “My Fair Wedding” host David Tutero is known for planning the ultimate ceremonies for his brides-to-be. But this season, as a life coach, he aims to empower the women, as well. Will you be watching? Take Your Wedding To The Next Level: Save Money AND Host An After-Party Kelly Rowland Almost Married The Wrong […]