Tracee Ellis Ross

She won’t be returning to BET’s “Reed Between the Lines,” but you never know what actress Tracee Ellis Ross has up her sleeves. Earlier this…

Tracee Ellis Ross’ style has been awed at and emulated since her days on “Girlfriends.” And how could it not? As the daughter of icon Diana Ross, Tracee’s fashion sense is as unique as they come. Here, she talks when her love for fashion began and how it evolved. 5 Reasons Why We Love Tracee […]

Tracee Ellis Ross' style has been awed at and emulated since her days on "Girlfriends." Here, she talks about her love for fashion and how it's evolved. WATCH!

Last night was another episode of BET’s new sitcom, “Reed Between The Lines”. This hilarious and family oriented show is like a breath of fresh air for black sitcoms; offering a great story line and family values. On last night’s episode, cutie Romeo Miller guest starred as the dance instructor in Gabby’s dance class. Carla […]

We just can’t help but love Tracee Ellis Ross! She’s the kind of Hollywood giant that is completely relatable. She made an amazing move in her career 11 years ago when she decided to play the role of Joan in the hit sitcom, Girlfriends. The role became one of Tracee’s signature roles and made her […]

Check out a sneak peek of BET’s new comedy “Reed Between The Lines”, starring Tracee Ellis Ross and Malcolm Jamal Warner. Tracee plays psychologist, Dr. Carla Reed married to college professor Alex played by Malcolm and the couple have three children. Ana Maria Horsford and Melissa De Sousa are also apart of the cast! Take […]