snow storm

Mayor Kasim Reed updates Atlanta and surrounding cities about snow storm preparations and other resources to assist in safety. “We have 100 pieces of equipment that are ready to move into action once the city has been cleared,” Reed said. “It is critical that we maintain the safety of our roadways… We expect road […]

More people are losing power. Georgia Power says more than 200,000 people have lost power as ice continues to freeze the metro area and winds and heavy ice continue to blow tree limbs down on power lines. According to the Coweta-Fayette EMC website, customer outages are around 74,383. In Fayette County there are 38,815 outages, […]

Georgia Power predicts that falling limbs and trees will cause widespread power outages during the winter storm that’s hitting the area, so several shelters are opening across Metro Atlanta to help people who need a place to stay warm. ALPHARETTA The City of Alpharetta is prepared to provide shelter for those impacted. The City activated […]

Can’t find the vehicle that you were forced to abandon because of this week’s storm? Don’t panic! State officials ordered that all vehicles left on metro Atlanta roadways be moved for safety reasons. The Department of Transportation urged drivers to get their vehicles off roadways to try to return travel back to normal as soon […]

Atlanta and the metro area made national news for snowstorm 2014 and the traffic nightmare that occurred as a result. Check out some photos from the storm and what it did to our highways and travelers.