In GRIFF's Prayer, GRIFF is struck by the recent video of a doctor getting dragged off a flight.

In this edition of Faith Walking, Erica Campbell talks about the beauty of catching the sunset from a plane. She has this very experience last night, and as the sun was setting, and the sky got darker and darker, she was reminded that the sun wasn’t setting at all- it was the earth that was […]


Airbus is often known for their bold airline designs, but the manufacturing company has gone to the extreme by issuing a patent that showcases passengers stacked on top of each other.


Family members of passengers on AIRASIA flight 8501 received heartbreaking news on Tuesday.  Debris from the flight was discovered by Indonesian search and rescue in the waters off Indonesia.  AIRASIA flight 8501 went missing Sunday over the Java Sea on its way to Singapore.  Along with debris, three bodies were recovered; two women and 1 […]


Aviation expert Jim Tilmon was a guest on “NewsOne Now” Thursday. He discussed the case of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and shared with Roland…