Occupy Wall Street protesters claim that New York Police Department officers violated their constitutional rights.

Occupy Wall Street offshoot Occu-Evolve held a small counter rally in response to a pro-police one on Staten Island Saturday. Staten Island, of course, is the…

The New York City Police Department (NYPD) is known around the world for its history of violence and brutality, particularly against underserved communities of color.…

If you thought Occupy Wall Street (OWS) was just a fly by night initiative, think again. What began September 17, 2011 as a series of minimally publicized demonstrations in the financial district of New York City has blossomed into a full blown movement which has not only swept the United States, but crossed into international […]

Officers from the Atlanta Police Department swarmed Woodruff Park at around 12:45 am this morning and arrested 53 Occupy Atlanta protesters. Occupy Atlanta has been in Woodruff Park since October 7. According to the AJC, Mayor Kasim Reed said more than 100 officers were involved in the operation to clear the park. The arrests were […]

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed has issued an executive order giving Occupy Atlanta protesters five days to vacate Woodruff Park. “I am committed to protecting the public and ensuring that the laws of the city are respected,” Reed said in a statement, according to the AJC. “I will not allow public safety to be jeopardized in […]

The Occupy Wall Street movement that has spread from New York City to other cities has finally hit Atlanta. An Occupy Atlanta event was held on Friday evening in Woodruff Park, where many protesters remain today camped out in tents. U.S. Congressman and civil rights hero John Lewis may have had something profound to say […]