Many of us might be or know someone who always stays in the mix. Be careful! Not everybody you tell your business to keeps it to themselves. Click on the video below to hear why being called a refrigerator is the best compliment.

“It’s not about preaching a sermon or speaking a sermon, it’s about being the sermon.” This means that the core of your message needs to be your actions. Want to hear more on why your actions needs to be that core click here on this video below!

Everyone should have that one goal that is so big that you’re going to have to grow into it. While you are pursuing this goal you are going to get a lot of no’s but it’s only going to take one yes in order for you to achieve that dream. Check out this video below […]

  When you find an excuse you’re probably a good and kind dude but “when you are effective you find a way to get it done.” How bad do you want to accomplish your dreams? Well that answer relies on you. Check out this video to figure out if you’re finding a way or just […]

Many of us want to be defined as an asset, but we unknowingly move like a liability. How do you fix it? The first step (and most difficult part) is addressing how you think. Take a listen to today’s ManUP! Moment.

Does your emotions get the best of you? Check out this video below to hear why KD Bowe is so adamant about not letting anyone effect your emotions!

I used to be so distraught when someone chose another over me. But I realized I’m not everybody’s brand & that’s OK. Coke & Pepsi. Both are OK. So is a Mac and a PC. They are 2 exceptional products. Because you prefer one doesn’t make the other wrong. Just not YOUR preference. Don’t be […]

ManUP! Community partnered with House Of Hope Atlanta to host ‘Field Day With The Fathers’, a day of fun activities aimed at providing fathers an opportunity to have fun with their kids as well as community children who had no positive male role model in their lives. It was a blast! For more info about […]

When things go wrong, don’t go wrong with them! Learning how to center yourself makes a tremendous difference EVERY time! For more info about KD Bowe or to schedule him to provide inspirational words at your next event, contact him via or any of his social media platforms below!