Not everybody’s story is picture perfect because we all have done things that we may wish we could change. In this Lunch Time Lifter I’m telling you all that it’s okay to not have a story like everyone else because somebody is going to appreciate you for telling it anyway. Check out the video below!


The Bible teaches us that our words have power and we get exactly what we speak. Along with that, our thoughts affect our moods and attitudes. In other words, your attitude in life affects your altitude in life, meaning your attitude determines how far you can go in life—how far you can go in pursuing […]

Lunch Time Lifter

Today’s Lunch Time Lifter was from Bishop TD Jakes entitled ‘It Was Never’. “It was never your victory, it was God’s victory that he fought through you.” If you missed today’s lunch time lifter, or want to hear it again check it out below:   Bishop TD Jakes – It Was Never  

When the scenery changes, so must your focus. Enjoy today’s Lunchtime Lifter from Bishop TD Jakes entitled,‘Coming Into Focus’. If you missed today’s Lunch Time Lifter, or want to hear the whole thing, check it out below. Bishop TD Jakes- “Coming Into Focus”  

  The Lord has a mysterious way of moving us. Yesterday’s lunch time lifter from Bishop Dale Bronner entitled “I Dare You”, has had the phone lines going crazy. If you missed it, or want to hear it again, check out the full sermon below. Bishop Dale Bronner “I Dare You”


                Today’s Lunch Time Lifter was by Pastor Kewin B. Lee, as he discussed during his sermon Positive Results Of Operating In Unity; how we couldn’t have done anything without god and his blessings. Check out the full sermon below.   For more info about KD Bowe or to schedule […]