KD Bowe

According to the New York Post, a judge in Ohio has ordered a teen who admitted to secretly filming himself having sex with a 14-year-old girl. The teen then reportedly shared the footage with classmates and now has to register as a sex offender for the next 25 years. After the girl’s mother went to […]

Family! I woke up this morning I thought about what my trainer use to say to me all the time. He said, “Everybody wants to be a boss until they learn what bosses have to do.” Bosses don’t just happen over night, it takes hard work! I’m encouraging you today to have laser focus because […]

Wow! This year of the B.E.T. Awards in my opinion was the best they had in years but something in particular had many people on Twitter scratching their heads. The Dr. Bobby Jones Gospel Award was presented to Snoop Dogg. Now this Snoop Dogg has won many B.E.T. awards but this is the first time […]

Mothers are the nurtures that simply receive the appreciation, love and admiration before fathers. Fathers are like the foundation of a house. “When you’re a good father you blend in like the foundation of a house. Nobody really talks about the foundation of the house but they do talk about the drapes the paint color […]

  Everyone has a story! By sharing your story you can inspire others around you “cause what comes from the heart does really reach the heart. And if you are intentionally living then you are going to have some stories and if you don’t any stories then you need to get on your job and […]

According to the “Parade”, Gwyneth Paltrow and recent husband Brad Falchuk revealed that they “consciously live apart.” Yes, so this means that the couple only live together four nights out of the week but they have their reasons. The other nights Falchuk can spend time with his two kids while Paltrow can enjoy time with […]

According to CNBC, Walmart announced that they will be offering a service that will be able to deliver groceries inside shopper’s homes. Starting this fall almost 1 million people across in three cities, Kansas City, Missouri, Pittsburgh and Vero Beach, Florida will have access to this new in-home delivery service. CNBC tells how this Walmart […]

During the KD Bowe Show, KD received a call where a woman describes her troubles with her son. What she reveals is shocking and is not a likely situation that many mothers endure. Click on the video below to hear all of the details of her situation!

Does your emotions get the best of you? Check out this video below to hear why KD Bowe is so adamant about not letting anyone effect your emotions!

  According to CNN the 20th annual charity auction for a “power lunch with Warren Buffett” has ended with an anonymous winner taking the prize with a final bid of almost $4.6 million. All of the proceeds will be donated to the Glide Foundation which provides local services to the homeless. This annual lunch charity […]

According to People Magazine, 32-year-old Racquel Bailey spent $2,000 that was originally for her rent for two billboards in Atlanta in hopes to get the attention of Tyler Perry. The sign read, “Attention Mr.Perry, Racquel Bailey is your next leading lady.” The determination that Bailey developed actually landed her on HBO’s “The Night Of.” Tyler Perry eventually […]

  According to Entertainment Tonight, Beyoncé’s team has addressed the alleged court-side incident on Wednesday June 5. Jay-Z and Beyoncé attended Game 3 of NBA Finals and were seated next to Joe Lacob, the owner of the Warriors and his wife Nicole Curran. ESPN has captured Curran leaning over Beyoncé to chat with Jay-Z but it seemed […]