KD Bowe Show

Bebe Winans comes out for a meet and greet with KD Bowe where Bebe talks about being called a zaddy on social media, his experience with Oprah, and the process of losing a loved one. Check out the video below to see what they had to say!

KD Bowe Show

  KD Bowe sits down with the talented JJ Hairston and Trina Hairston during a meet and greet to talk about their new tour, how to trust and moving forward in life. Check out this in-depth interview below to hear exclusive details!

KD Bowe Show

  Singer-songwriter, Kurt Carr talks to KD Bowe about details on his life growing up and meeting Johnny Gil and Aretha Franklin. Kurt continues to tell KD about his experiences in the industry and how it has helped him become a legend. Check out the interview below to hear all of Kurt Carr’s fascinating stories […]

KD Bowe Show

  Gospel singer, songwriter, pastor, producer and actor Deitrick Haddon joins The KD Bowe Show to talk about his latest new project, “Sins of the Father.” Haddon stars in the leading role of this new movie. KD Bowe goes into an in-depth interview with Haddon discussing one factor that many people don’t know. Check out […]

Sarah Jakes Roberts talks about her new book, "Dont Settle For Safe."

Montel Dorsey is a singer, songwriter, musician, producer, choir director and pastor.

Zebulon Ellis laughs about feeling out of place on "The Rap Game."

Donnie McClurkin talked about why he's no longer worried about the next generation of gospel.

Travis Greene talks about performing "Intentional" at Donald Trump's Inaugural Ball.

Xernona Clayton is a civil rights leader who worked closely with Martin Luther King Jr & Coretta Scott King.

Brandy chatted with Erica Campbell & hinted about new music to come!

Unsung, is kicking off its 10th season tonight with an episode centered on the amazing SWV.