*TRUE STORY* In the past 2 days, because of RUSHING, I’ve left money at the register after I chose the ‘cash back option’ and threw away my WALLET! Sooo… today’s thought is for ME! Impatience is expensive. Think about it. How much of the expense that we have right now comes from a lack of […]

It’s the time of year for reflection and goal-setting. And while New Year’s resolutions can be perceived with some cynicism, I think it’s important to…

Spring is a wonderful time to create new family habits for a fresh start.  Some people consider spring time the real new year.  Here are some tips for creating new habits for your family: 1. Commit to Thirty Days – Three to four weeks is all the time you need to make a habit automatic. […]

During these financially challenging times we need to continue to be conscious of ways that we can be frugal.  Then make being fugal a part of your life that becomes a habit. Moneyning.com has provided 7 Habits of Highly Frugal People and I wanted to share them with you: Habit One: Be Proactive The first […]