On April 10th, 2020 Radio One will be having a National Day Of Prayer for everyone effected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Join us on air every hour from 6am-10pm as we say prayers together and count our blessings in hopes we all make it through these tough times. LISTEN LIVE LISTEN LIVE   LISTEN LIVE […]

Even though we don’t know which quarantine day we are actually on, we do know how many times we have had to cook. The leisure of having options to dine-in, take-out, delivery, uber eats and door dashed helped with our cooking woes. Even though we still have the options for delivery and carry-out, cooking at […]


If you’re like me, you’re wondering why it took so long for the CDC or any other government agency to suggest wearing some form of a mask to provide at least a basic level of protection if you have go out in the public. Although we understand the special N95 mask is confirmed to protect […]


Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms spoke with Radio One Atlanta about why she enacted stricter stay at home measures for Atlanta than what governor Brian Kemp enacted for the state of Georgia. She answers questions about what she considers essential and non-essential services and activities, why she allowed the Beltline and city parks to remain […]

  The effects of COVID-19 are rippling through the country and the world at large, altering the ways we work, play, and worship. As public officials continue to discourage gatherings of large groups, many Christians and people of faith will forego a traditional church service and choose to attend ‘Bedside Baptist’, tuning into a local […]


Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms has ordered the city to close all gathering establishments in Atlanta due to concerns of the spread of the coronavirus. This has left many folks confused not realyl knowing if they would be able to head to the grocery store to stock up on needed essentials while everything is closed. Good […]