Travis Greene talks about performing "Intentional" at Donald Trump's Inaugural Ball.

Despite threats of court challenges and economic boycotts, Georgia governor Nathan Deal has signed into law one of the nation’s most toughest and controversial immigration enforcement measures. Georgia’s House Bill 87 is partly modeled on a controversial immigration law passed by Arizona last year. The AJC reports that House Bill 87 empowers police to investigate […]


A young couple lost $800,000 on the quiz show “Million Dollar Drop” after they answered a question correctly – only to be told told they were wrong. Find out what the question was at Vindicated! Judge Rules In Fantasia’s Favor Steve Harvey Set To Host “Family Feud”

From the One of the most controversial families in the country is heading south to protest “rebellious brats,” a Jewish publication and an indie rock festival. Topeka’s Westboro Baptist Church, whose membership consists mostly of family members of its pastor, Fred Phelps, has planned nine protests around the metro Atlanta area on May 5-6. […]